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Company philosophy:
quality and credibility create ICESNOW brand
Company spirit:
strict, pragmatic, pioneering, innovative
Company object:
technological innovation, brand-building, fair competition, win-win situation
Company pursuit:
pursue innovation in thought, pursue lean production at work, pursue harmony in relationship, and pursue perfect in products
Company recruitment concept:
respect everyone from different background, bring out the potential of each individual, and help our valuable and outstanding employees realize their dreams.
Company mission:
make innovation for the interests of our customers; make technical contribution to happiness and development of human beings
Company soul:
system innovation, mechanism innovation, technology innovation, management innovation, survive and seek for development in innovation
Icesnow aphorism:
Being modest and prudent, guard against arrogance and rashness
Step by step, consolidation and improvement
It's good to discover issues; resolving issues is your capacity
It's fault to cover up issues; disclosing issues is your merits