Small capacity

1.5 Ton flake ice machine

Model: GM-15K
Daily output: 1500kg/24h
Refrigerant: R404A
Total power: 6.2 Kw
Size: 1410*980*946

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Icesnow provided supermarket flake ice machine, fish market ice machine, food preservation ice machine, commercial flake ice machine, food cooling ice maker. The well-known flake ice machine manufacturer –Icesnow, has long term cooperation relationship with numerous supermarkets at home and abroad. Icesnow is the professional manufacturer of small flake ice machines. The capacity is from 350kg/day to 3 ton/day. The flake ice machine we offered is energy-saving, environmental friendly and in high quality. Our flake ice machine can widely used in refrigeration, food storage, cooling, meat preservation cooling, food preservation , supermarkets ice making machine, fish processing cooling, vegetable and fruits chilling and so on. Icesnow has gain many patens on ice machine. Ice machine patent number: 201130216361.7, Flake ice machine patent number: 201120240711.8;201220274742X. We are the professional, trustable, reliable manufacturer of food flake ice machine, aquatic food preservation cooling machine, commercial supermarket ice maker. Welcome to contact us! Email:

Flake ice features:

Flake ice temperature: -5℃~-8℃, flake ice thickness: 1.8mm—2.5mm. Flake ice is dry, smooth scale shape ice. Comparing with tube ice, flake ice has larger contact surface than other shape of ice with same weight. The larger the contact surface, the quicker the heat exchange process, with which can melt more quickly, take away the heat and make the cooling goods moister, therefore, the cooling effect is better. The flake ice can get into the gap between the cooling material, which can reduce heat exchange and keep the temperature of the ice. The flake ice produced by Icesnow flake ice machine is widely applicable for all kinds of supermarket, hotels, and shopping mall to keep products fresh. Flake ice is not only can keep the frozen products from dehydration, maintain its original color, but also ensure the original flavor of frozen products. Flake ice is smooth and without obvious edges, which neither will nor scratch the skin of frozen goods. Flake ice is widely used in many areas. It is especially good for raw food preservation, such as seafood, meat, vegetables and so on.

GM-15K technique parameter

ModelDaily output(kg/24h)Storage capacity(kg)Refrigeration capacity(kcal/h)Evaporation temp.  (℃)

Total power (kw)

Power supplyRefrigerantCooling wayUnit dimension(mm)Bin dimension (mm)Weight(exclude bin)kg
3p/380v/50HzR404AAir cooling1410*980*9461320*980*1200322





Standard condition:  The above parameter are based on the environment temperature 25 ℃, water temperature 16 ℃. Model and specifications can be subject to change without further notice.

Special design:

1. Refrigeration unit, the compressor and other spare parts are world well-known brand.

2. Intelligence control system. PLC programmable control system can open and stop the ice-making unit automatically through the PLC programmable logic controller, so that ice cylinder operating system and water circulation system can coordinated and match, ensuring safe and efficient operation. When the unit fails, PLC automatically shut down for protection and the input point of fault indicator displays on the status, when the failure recovery, PLC unit receives information and automatically starts to work and realizes a full automatic control.

3. Evaporator:  Adopted national patent processing technique, Icesnow flake ice evaporators has superior heat conduction effect and Anti-corrosion feature. It can adapt to different new refrigerant, which can meet the need of environmental friendly and low carbon economy requirement. With the horizontal design, the wear-out of the system can be reduced, and gas leak can be avoided. It can also maintain good precision and intensity with high grade 304 stainless steel together automatic argon-arc welding.

4. Save and reliable. Adopted the world’s advanced ice making technique and processing experience, the equipment can withstand high pressure and high temperature. Icesnow products passed the CE standard and get the CE certificate. The products won’t do any harm for human body.

5. Ice skates: Screw designed scraper, low resistance, low consumption, no noise and even ice production.

Application industries:
Icesnow ice machines are widely used in cold room preservation cooling, meat cooling ice making, food refrigerated, and aquatic food cooling, instant cooling, supermarket preservation, hotel cooling, Marine Fisheries,aquatic products processing, food processing, fruit, vegetable, Meat cooling, concrete mixing project, Chemical industry , pharmaceutical industry , etc.

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