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Service content:
1. Solving problems. We are responsible for answering questions about ice machine itself or other related ones and helping the customers to know how to install the machine, daily maintenance, and small fault eliminating methods. We will pay full attention to our customers’ need and try our best to solve the problems with our professional knowledge and responsible attitude. Ensure that our customers are confident with our products.
2. Technical guidance. We will provide users with technical advisory services of ice making system; enable them to know better about the technical parameters , specifications, configuration, environmental factors evaluation thus to provide a full range of opinions and related technical advice. We will help customers to understand the structure of the ice machine, production process and assembly of product in order to recommend and offer effective solution for the customers. Ensure that the solution we offered can meet customers’ need at its most.
3. Basical training. We will offer free training on ice machine system operation, daily maintenance, and small fault elimination methods.

After-sales service commitment:
Warranty:one year.
(1) Provide telephone hotline service. In case of encountering any problems of products, such as installation or maintenance problems, the user can call our after-sales maintenance services hotline:+86 755 27345058 to consult any problems about our products.
(2) In any case, the user can contact our after-sale service department personnel. We will answer your questions and solve your problems at the shortest possible time.

Provide life-long maintenance:
(1) After receiving phone call from our users about the products’ problems, if we can not solve them through the phone, we can send technical personnel to the site, during which we only charge basic fee.
(2) After the warranty period, if any problems which can’t be solved, the user can send the machine directly to our company for inspection. Our technician will fix it promptly and send back to the user, during which we only charge basic fee.

Other terms:
(1). The maintenance service is effective only for the original supply of equipment and its original installation site and its user. If the equipment was reinstalled at other sites or the user transferred the ownership of the equipment specified on the contract, the user need to notify our company in written, then we will revaluate the relevant service. Otherwise, the relevant maintenance services will be invalid.
(2). The service does not include damages or breakdown caused by negligence, carelessness, accident, natural disaster, misuse, dealing with the products without instruction and transformation of product or the missing parts.
(3). Any damages, changes and breakdown caused by non-authorized person for maintenance do not include in the warranty service.