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Seafood quick freezer






Icesnow produced seafood freezer, instant freezer, and immersive freezer. The capacity is from 240kg/day to 48ton/day. It is widely used for freezing food, meat cooling, aquatic food frozen, fisheries,aquatic products processing, food processing etc. The seafood freezer we offered is energy-saving, environmental friendly and in high quality. Icesnow seafood freezer is the first choice of large aquatic products processing enterprises at home and abroad. With high quality products, advanced technology, professional after-sale service, Icesnow has earned the trust and respect from all of our customers. Icesnow have gained many patents on seafood quick freezer (seafood quick freezer patent number: 201220662976.1   201220663594.0). Icesnow is one of the most professional manufacturers of seafood instant freezer. Welcome to contact us! Email: sales@icesnow.cn.