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flake ice machine, chiller under testing




25 ton flake ice machine, 20 ton ice machine, 3T water cooling machine are under testing. Icesnow provided flake ice machine, saltwater ice machine on boat, saltwater flake ice machine on boat, flake ice machine for fishery, aquatic food cooling ice maker, seafood processing flake ice maker, ocean water ice machine on boat. The well-known seawater flake ice machine manufacturer –Icesnow, has long term cooperation relationship with numerous fishery enterprises at home and abroad. Icesnow is the professional manufacturer flake ice machines. The capacity is from 0.35Ton/day to 100 ton/day. The seawater flake ice machine we offered is energy-saving, environmental friendly and in high quality. Our flake ice machine can widely used in aquatic food cooling, food storage, cooling, meat preservation cooling, aquatic products preservation , fishery ice making, fish processing cooling, vegetable and fruits chilling and so on. Icesnow has gain many patens on ice machine. (Ice machine patent number: 201130216361.7, Flake ice machine patent number: 201120240711.8;201220274742X. )We are the professional, trustable, reliable manufacturer of seawater flake ice machine, aquatic food preservation cooling machine, commercial supermarket ice maker, saltwater ice maker for fishery. Welcome to contact us!Email: sales@icesnow.cn