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70 ton flake ice machine under testing



Icesnow 70 ton flake ice machine with evaporation cooling condenser under testing. Icesnow provided large industrial flake ice machine, industrial ice machine, concrete mixing cooling ice machine, concrete mixing flake ice machine, chemical cooling ice maker, fine chemical ice maker, Pharmaceutical processing flake ice maker, Printing and dyeing processing ice machine, Printing and dyeing cooling flake ice machine, Coal cooling ice maker. The well-known flake ice machine manufacturer –Icesnow, has long term cooperation relationship with domestic and international construction, chemical, pharmaceutical enterprises. Icesnow is the professional manufacturer of medium flake ice machines. The capacity is from 10Ton/day to 200ton/day. The flake ice machine we offered is energy-saving, environmental friendly and in high quality. Our flake ice machine can widely used in concrete mixing cooling, concrete mixing, chemical cooling, fine chemical, Pharmaceutical processing, Printing and dyeing processing, Printing and dyeing cooling, Coal cooling and so on. Icesnow has gain many patens on ice machine. (Ice machine patent number: 201130216361.7, Flake ice machine patent number: 201120240711.8;201220274742X. ) We are the professional, trustable, reliable manufacturer of flake ice machine. Welcome to contact us! Email: sales@icesnow.cn