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12 Ton flake ice machine for aquatic food


12 Ton flake ice machine for aquatic food. The above pictures are taken at the site of aquatic product company in Zhejiang province, China. Icesnow provided supermarket flake ice machine, fish market ice machine, aquatic food preservation ice machine, aquatic food processing flake ice machine, aquatic products cooling ice maker. We are the professional manufacturer of all kinds of ice machines. The capacity is from 350kg/day to 3 ton/day. The flake ice machine we offered is energy-saving, environmental friendly and quicker. Icesnow flake ice machines, with the advantages of efficient, energy-saving, high quality, good after-sales service, are sold well at home and abroad. In the pass decade, Icesnow served lots of world well-known supermarkets at home and abroad. Icesnow has gain many patens on ice machine. Ice machine patent number: 201130216361.7, Flake ice machine patent number: 201120240711.8;201220274742X. With the high quality products and good after-sales service, we earned trust from our customers. Icesnow can design the equipments according to your needs. Welcome to contact us! Email: sales@icesnow.cn