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Icesnow  containerized block ice machine is made of ice pool, ice can and refrigeration system. The capacity of containerized block ice machine is from 4 ton to 10ton. With high quality, advanced technology, professional after-sale service, Icesnow has earned the trust and respect from our all customers. Icesnow have gained many patents on ice making machines (block ice machine patent: 201220274812.1, ice machine patent: 201130216361.7, flake ice machine patent: 201120240711.8;201220274742X ) Icesnow ice making machines are widely used in cold room preservation, hotel preservation, fishery and food preservation, aquatic products processing, fruits, vegetables and meat preservation during transportation. With competitive price ice machine, good after-sale service and high quality products, Icesnow ice machines are sold very well at home and abroad. Icesnow block ice machine can design as per your requirement. Welcome to contact us!

Block ice features:

Icesnow block ice machines are customized and in compact design. With national patent technology and long term experience in producing ice machines, the efficiency can be largely enhanced, the time can be shorten, therefore, they are energy saving. Ice pool uses high quality steel, through antirust processing, it is durable under low temperature and moisture condition. The outside wall of the ice pool uses Polyurethane foam material to keep the temperature. The ice-melting pool reuses the water. Using the low temperature water from ice-melting pool can largely save the water consumption.  Unique design of ice distributor table and ice-melting pool lead to easier operation, besides, the time of making ice can be shorten, the efficiency can be enhanced by 2 to 4 times.

Special design:

(1) Intelligent automatic control. Icesnow puts the complex refrigeration control system within the block of ice machine unit, realizing full intelligent control, adjustment, fault diagnosis and operation management.

(2) Accurate electronic throttle technology. Icesnow block ice machine refrigeration unit using expansion valve to realize the intelligent throttle control, fully improve the system working efficiency. It enables the unit can automatically adjust the compressor according to the temperature of the ice pool in order to achieve the effect of energy saving operation.

(3) The best brand components. Icesnow block ice machine uses well-known brand accessories at home and abroad.

(4) High efficiency and energy saving. Icesnow block ice machines are customized and compact. With national patent technology and long term experience in producing ice machines, the efficiency can be largely enhanced, the time can be shorten, therefore, they are energy saving.

(5) Durable and stable. Icesnow block ice machine integrates the domestic and foreign advanced ice making concept, processing technology and rich experience. The equipments we offered are durable in heavy load, high reliability. The service life is up to 10 years.

(6) Easy for installation and use. Icesnow block ice machine adopts modular design, which shortens the construction period. Containerized packing is easy for transportation and convenient for maintenance.

10T containerized type technique parameter:


10T containerized type technique parameter


Daily output

Ice size(kg)

Evaporation temp.



Compressor power

Cooling way









Standard condition:  The above parameter are based on the environment temperature 25 ℃, water temperature 16 ℃, evaporation temperture -15℃, condensing temperature 35℃.  The production capacity will change due to the difference of water temperature and ambient temperature.Cooling way: F represent air cooled condenser, W represent water cooled condenser, E-C represent evaporation condenser. Model and specifications can be subject to change without further notice.

Application industries:
Icesnow ice machines are widely used in cold room preservation cooling, meat cooling, ice making, food processing cooling, aquatic food cooling, instant cooling, supermarket preservation, hotel cooling, Marine Fisheries,aquatic products processing, food processing, fruit, vegetable, meat cooling, concrete mixing project, Chemical industry , pharmaceutical industry , etc.

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