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We respect everyone from different backgrounds; bring out potential of each person, help each man with insight and talent to make their dream come true. Welcome to joint us, we believe that with your talent and passion, our sincere cooperation between each other, we can make great contribution to the development of the company.
Gratitude is always the theme of ICESNOW. ICESNOW is a manufacturer which is specialized in production of commercial and industrial flake ice machine. Our corporate culture is “Gratitude”. Gratitude is also theme of our society and enterprises. We should always keep a grateful heart. Be grateful to our parents who gave us life. As the first teachers in our life, they teach us to be a good man. Because of them we have the chance to have a real experience about the society and life and to have our own dream and make them come true. Every Tuesday morning, all ICESNOW employees perform five minutes’ "grateful heart" sign language dance before work to show our gratitude for our parents who give us life, for the society which gives us the sense of responsibility, for our work and life, for all what we have.