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Refrigeration market downturn, adjustment of expectations

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The importance of the refrigerant has play a decisive role in the refrigeration industry, it is the essential resource for ice making machine, no matter how good your machine, how advanced technology, the machine is flake ice machine, ice machine or cold water machine, without it, you can not be the normal operation of the machine. We mention 2011 storm refrigerant in the ice making machine in the market, many people are still at the beginning of the year prices soaring, straight line, production enterprises are operating at full capacity: in the second half of the year, a reversal, prices and with free fall like, crashing. In 2012, along with each big company performance report, the general decline, the industry boom is difficult to reproduce, the personage inside course of study Yuan said, to do long-term "battle" to prepare, the twinkling of an eye, more than half of 2013, the price seems to Yang refrigerant in the refrigeration industry, but only in small amplitude fluctuations. How to market outlook, remains to be seen.

According to the latest information of J display "Montreal Protocol" the nineteenth conference of the parties through the elimination of HCFC accelerates the adjustment case, Chinese commitment from the beginning of 2013, the total use of traditional refrigerant R22 frozen in an average of 2009~2010 years, on this basis, the 10% reduction in 2015, in 2020 to cut 35%, 67.5% cut in 2025, the cut in 2030. R22 eliminated officially pulled the curtain, environmental protection refrigerant substitution and competition increase. Backward production capacity, unreasonable structure, will be with the industrial upgrade change.