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Fresh ice machine improper use will smell

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Preservation in both individual and family life or in the supermarket industry or product has the important position, and want to preservation is not out of refrigeration equipment or ice making machine, the equipment is often in use process, because of some improper operation or other reasons cause the device to produce some odor. But how do we do to ensure that these refrigeration equipment does not appear to smell it, in addition to ensure that the ice machine is fitted properly, also need to pay attention to some of the principles of refrigeration machine.

First, is to put the refrigeration equipment is placed in the ventilation conspicuous place, because these places often have air circulation, not easy to grow bacteria

Second, electrical wire performance configuration wire diameter requirements, joint firm, need to wear protective tube is not province, connected correctly.

Third, emissions all wires in addition to tie up with air conditioning, a corrugated hose or cable trough pipe protection, temperature display wire and wire together as far as possible not.

Fourth, the closer the refrigerator compressor evaporator is better, easy repair, better heat dissipation, such as the installation of outdoor note rainproof, host a four angle need to be placed a shockproof pad, horizontal installation is firm, not easy to be bumped Caution.

Fifth, radiator radiator installation location away from the host, the closer the better, preferably in the host partial epistatic.