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What is the check and adjustment method of large pieces of ice brine tank brine

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Block ice machine, large block ice machine, industrial ice machine is mainly suitable for cold storage refrigeration cooling, meat cooling ice making, food refrigeration, refrigerated or frozen aquatic products refrigerated transport or rapid cooling, and these machines in use process, there will be more or less some questions, such as: check and adjust the salt pond salt how do?

Salt pond salt inspection:

Standard brine temperature machine, ice block: brine temperature not lower than -14.2 ℃

Two, block ice machine salt and preservatives "sodium dichromate" (sodium dichromate).

Three, the provisions of the highest standard of salt water concentration is not higher than 21.1 degrees Baume degrees; the minimum of not less than 19 degrees

Four, check and adjust the block ice machine time: salt concentration, pH value, at least monthly check and adjust the time

Five, saline pH standard: brine should always remain in the alkalescent pH value is 7.5 ~ 8.5

Checking and adjusting method:

A, pH with pH test paper measured, such as pH value (pH value) is less than 7.5 (less than 7 as acid) should be added "caustic soda (sodium hydroxide)".

Two, density pycnometer, salt and pay attention to clean, must filter add ice pool, to prevent debris, mud and sand, mixed with salt water.

Three, plus "sodium dichromate" once a year, usually in the ice tank after overhaul.